Personal Injury

Vigorous, Creative Personal Injury Representation

We provide vigorous personal injury representation to people who have suffered serious injuries caused by the negligence or misconduct of others. We use our experience to develop compelling and effective arguments for injured clients. If you have suffered an injury and wish to learn about your options, contact us today

Client centric Service

John believes that access to an attorney is essential to all; and has worked to make consulting an attorney about an injury as easy as possible. He’ll meet with clients at any time and can visit them at home or in their hospital rooms.

John provides a free consultation to answer questions about the legal process related to personal injury claims. John works on a contingency basis, which means no fees are due until he wins your case.

For more information about filing a personal injury claim after a motor vehicle accident, contact us today at Pinzelik Law.

Favorable Efficient resolutions for Personal Injury Cases

John Pinzelik is an experienced Multnomah County Attorney with many years of experience handling personal injury matters from both sides — plaintiff and defendant. This gives him, and our injured clients, a significant advantage. We know how to obtain favorable outcomes without undertaking expensive and time-consuming litigation. Because of our experience defending insurance companies, we know how they operate and what legal strategies will be most effective. We make sure our clients receive fair treatment and compensation as soon as possible — when they need it most.

Creative and thorough legal representation for the best case outcome

foot splint with iron on leg

Another reason to use our law firm for your personal injury claim is our lawyers’ creativity. We seek all possible damages for injured clients, looking at the entire case and at all the parties involved. We explore things like loss of future earning potential, property damage, diminished value and medical expenses. We also determine whether punitive damages might be awarded.

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