Success Stories

The worth of any attorney is their ability to secure a positive outcome for their client. Here are a few of our client success stories.

Rear End Collision

Client was stopped at a traffic light when he was rear-ended by a vehicle traveling between 10-15 mph without warning.  Client suffered neck and back injuries and was unable to work for six weeks.  Case settled for $29,530

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Slip and Fall in Retail Store

While shopping in one of the world’s largest retail chain stores, client slipped and fell on a hanger that was left lying in the aisle. Client suffered injuries to his back and elbow. The retail chain had considerable resources and fought the claim by attempting to blame the client for causing his own injuries. Fortunately,

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Sidewalk Fall

Client was jogging on a city sidewalk when she tripped over a portion of the sidewalk that had raised up 2 inches.  She sustained injuries to her hand, wrist and knees.  In Oregon, property owners are responsible for the maintenance of the sidewalks that surround their property.  John sent a demand to the homeowner and

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Construction Accident

Client offered to help a friend put a roof on a house his friend was building.  Client stepped on an unsecured piece of plywood that slid off the two-story house along with the client.  Client sustained significant foot, knee and leg injuries.  Settled for $950,000. 

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T-Bone Collision

Client was driving to the beach on highway 26 when the driver of a pickup truck crossed the highway without warning causing client to impact the side of the pickup truck at a 45-50 mph.  Client sustained neck and back injuries as well as hearing disruption and loss.    John settled the case against the driver

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