Multnomah County

Sidewalk Fall

Client was jogging on a city sidewalk when she tripped over a portion of the sidewalk that had raised up 2 inches.  She sustained injuries to her hand, wrist and knees.  In Oregon, property owners are responsible for the maintenance of the sidewalks that surround their property.  John sent a demand to the homeowner and …

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T-Bone Collision

Client was driving to the beach on highway 26 when the driver of a pickup truck crossed the highway without warning causing client to impact the side of the pickup truck at a 45-50 mph.  Client sustained neck and back injuries as well as hearing disruption and loss.    John settled the case against the driver …

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Construction Accident

Client offered to help a friend put a roof on a house his friend was building.  Client stepped on an unsecured piece of plywood that slid off the two-story house along with the client.  Client sustained significant foot, knee and leg injuries.  Settled for $950,000. 

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